The Eye (3)

The way that we think about designs and art is profoundly influenced by the anatomy of the eye.

News: I was accepted as an NSF 2017 STEM ambassador. In this political climate, I think it is more important than ever to find more effective ways to share science with everyone.

Light & The Eye (2)

Light is electromagnetic radiation. What that means is that light is a type of energy that is formed by the oscillations of particles.


Introduction (1)

Watch this OK Go video and think about what your brain thinks is happening and what is actually happening in the scene.


Decisions with Graphics

How would you feel if I told you that cognitive research thinks that you are irrational? The truth is that you, I, and all other humans make decisions that are not purely based on the “facts.

Thinking with your eyes

Thinking with your eyes

Visual reasoning is the concept that your visual system has evolved to make sense of the world and in doing so has developed unique abilities.

FEMA New Orleans Out Of Flood Hazard Area

Uncertainty matters for New Orleans

There was a story on NPR this week about how bad the updated New Orleans flood map is, which depicts a significant reduction in flood risk.

'It provokes the age-old question... What IS art?' 'I can tell you what it's NOT! It's not cheap.'

What is good art and design?

Recently at a dinner party, my husband’s family friends were across the table from me discussing what art is.

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Visual System

What is our visual system good at?

We don’t notice all elements of our environment equally. Take for example the video below. This video is a wonderful example of a what psychologists call “change blindness.